LaUREN Laguire Portfolio


 Landscapes & Flowers 

Paradise Valley, SOLD
Chatsworth Hike, available $130
Old Oak Tree, available $275
Winding River, available $130
SoCal Rock Formations, SOLD
Serenity Valley, availal. $2500 3x4'
desert night
desert scenery
little ole me workin away
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 Under the Sea 

"Orca Family" $350 24x30"
Dolphins, commission
The Little Mermaid, commission
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 Galactic Leaps 

The Humble Bee in Northridge, Ca ~

Sol Bee Succulents, commission
framed God's Garden, available $350
Sol Bee Sunset, commission
Sol Bee Hare, commission
a commissioned bench
Canadian Bacon Eggs Benedict
Tomato and Avocado Eggs Benedict
English Butty
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Animals and Mother Nature

Lion Family Commission
Forest Mural
Dream Door mural
Space Mural
"MotherNature" available $200 16x20
"Connected" available $250 20x24
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The Little Mermaid, commission